Daniel Tessy CV

Sound Designer – Theatre Pro

Daniel Tessy is a creative and unique composer/sound designer, seasoned technical director, lighting designer and director.

For sounds visit https://danieltessy.ca/

Work Experience

Instructor at Capilano University Technical Theatre
Courses taught include Live and Studio Sound Design, and Intro to Technical Theatre. Other duties include providing sound designs for the school’s productions.

Freelance Theatre artist
(2014 – Present)
Led in a wide variety of roles working in the Vancouver theatre industry, including composition, sound and lighting design, production design, stage management and directing. Select credits listed below.

Venue Technician at Roundhouse Community Centre
(2018 – Present)
Provided technical setup, operation and tear-down for events, including theatre installations, galas and community events, as well as live sound-mixing for music festivals and preparator/art handling for art exhibits.

Technical Director/General Manager at Red Gate Revue Stage
Provided oversight of lighting, video and sound, equipment maintenance/acquisition, technical drafting, liaising with clients for technical needs, hiring and training of tech staff, lighting design and sound mixing for all music shows. GM roles include bookings, outreach, FOH staffing/training, running bar, accounting, and theatre maintenance.

Stagecraft and Theatre Technician at Douglas College
(2016 – 2018)
Roles included supervising and providing guidance to students, stocking of props and paint shop, coordinating production work, ensuring safety, assistant teaching of theatre production courses, operating and supervising operation of technical equipment.

Select Production Credits

  • Sound Designer ~~ So Damn Proud by Justin Neal ~~ Holy Crow Arts
    • 2021
  • Sound Designer/Composer ~~ Unity 1918 by Kevin Kerr ~~ Capilano University
    • 2021
  • Stage Manager/Touring Manager ~~ We Now Know (the complete history of science) ~~ Monster Theatre
    • 2020
  • Co-Director/Sound Designer ~~ Eight Ways to Fate, and All by Bryan Wade Cascadia Project
    • 2018
  • Lighting Designer ~~ True West by Sam Shepard at The Cultch Culture Lab ~~ Sonderhouse Productions
    • 2018
  • Director/Sound Designer/Composer ~~ Submerged by Nicola Wanless ~~ Brave New Playrites Festival
    • 2018
  • Sound Designer ~~ The Diviners by Jim Leonard Jr. ~~ Douglas College
    • 2017
  • Lighting Designer ~~ Frankenstein, 1945 by Mily Mumford ~~ Nebula Theatre
    • 2016
  • Sound Designer/Composer ~~ Hamlet by Shakespeare ~~ Blackspear Productions
    • 2014
  • Set Design/Lighting/Sound/Props/Composition ~~ Tales in Crux at CBC Studio 700 ~~ Quimera Theatre
    • 2014


Bachelor of Fine Arts – Theatre Production/Design University of British Columbia – 2014

Extra skills/personality

  • Talented audio engineer and mixer (live/recording), analogue and digital consoles
  • Working knowledge of DAWs (Logic Pro, ProTools) and audio plugins (Waves, iZotope, +)
  • Multi-instrumentalist and session musician
    • Guitar, Keyboards, Bass, Drums, Trumpet, Voice, Synth programming
  • “Visionary” Director
  • Released several radio-charting albums (solo and with band)
  • Great at collaborating/translating artistic and technical language
  • Excellent customer service and client relations
  • Able to hire the right people and train them well
  • Very chill and agreeable
  • Sense of humor is important for working life
  • Capable at self-teaching new skills


Kayce Honey – Events Administrator at Roundhouse Community Centre – kayce.honey@gmail.com

Bryan Wade – Artistic collaborator, and Associate Professor of Creative Writing at University of British Columbia – bwade@mail.ubc.ca

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